I’m delighted to announce that we’re now able to return regular yoga classes! Please check the updated Weekly Timetable for changes to the class times, cost and type of class being offered.

Please keep an eye on the Studio Guidelines – they will likely change.

Please read all the guidelines

  • We are limiting numbers to 8, in 3 staggered rows, with 2m distance (nose to nose) between students.
  • We can no longer offer studio equipment, so you will need to bring your own – including mat, blocks, blanket and strap.
  • Mat spaces will be marked with black tape on the floor, and you place the front of your mat.
  • When entering the studio, please fill the spaces at the back first.
  • We will be airing and disinfecting the studio between classes, so sometimes it might be chilly when you come in – layers are easy to add/remove.
  • Face coverings? I will teach with a face mask. It’s also your choice if you wear one. Remember some people may make a different choice to you.  The current guidelines state that it is not necessary for practising yoga indoors, providing social distancing measures are observed.
  • When waiting for class, observe social distancing outside the studio. You can no longer congregate in the foyer and are encouraged not to chat when in the studio …. it’s going to be strange at first!
  • You must queue outside the building until the door is opened – there will be markings to help you keep safe distances.
  • You will be entering via the entrance on the far left of the building – not the front door.
  • You will not be able to get changed on the premises, so arrive wearing the correct clothing.
  • Shoes and coats can be placed on/under the hangers provided in the central room.
  • I will no longer be walking around class, or making any physical adjustments.
  • Please follow the Government Covid Guidelines if you feel unwell. You may be asked to leave class if you are unwell.
  • These guidelines will be updated regularly, so please look each time before you come to class.
  • Turn your mobile phone to silent, or if you need it on, then have it on vibrate next to your mat.